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Prince William Sound Activities: Kayaking

Eshamy Bay, Eshamy Lagoon and around nearby waterways and coves are all excellent kayaking locations with numerous interconnecting passages, islets, lagoons, and beaches. These waters are protected from the open sea and most often are calm, affording easy paddling to both beginners and experienced sea kayakers.

We have single and double kayaks available to Eshamy Bay Lodge guests! 

The lagoon has a wide diversity of bird life, including waterfowl, arctic terns, marbled murrelets, black oystercatchers, loons, eagles and cormorants as well as many migrants such as sandhill cranes. Wildlife you can see includes black bear, sea otters (often with pups), river otters, mink, Sitka black-tailed deer, seals, sea lions, porpoisus, and whales. Hump-back whales and Orca(Killer)Whales have been spotted in Eshamy Bay and the water just outside of the bay.

A great day trip includes paddling the enchanting Eshamy Lagoon up to Eshamy Creek trail and hiking the trail on the way to Eshamy Lake. There is great berry picking in the late summer along the trail as well as black bear viewing, salmon viewing, and fishing.

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