Prince William Sound Cabins

Glacier Viewing

The owners of Eshamy Bay Lodge have been taking family and friends Glacier viewing in the Prince William Sound for almost 30 years. Prince William Sound is renowned for its abundant glaciers and the Eshamy Bay area is no exception.

A glacier is a perennial mass of ice which moves over land. A glacier forms in locations like the Prince William Sound where the mass accumulation of snow and ice exceeds ablation over many years. Alaska’s Glacier ice help to form the largest reservoir of fresh water on Earth, and is second only to oceans as the largest reservoir of total water.

Glaciers cover vast areas of the polar regions and are found in mountain ranges of every continent, (there are glaciers in New Zealand). In the tropics, glaciers are restricted to the highest mountains.

The distinctive blue tint of Prince William Sound glacial ice is often wrongly attributed bubbles in the ice.The blue color is actually created for the same reason that water is blue, that is, its slight absorption of red light.

While Glacier Viewing you will see waterfalls cascading from Hanging Glaciers, hundreds of feet above you.  Pieces of ice as big as houses, calving off of the glacier and falling into to the sea below, can also be seen safely from the boat.  Seals are known to be abundant on the ice sheets.

Ice Fishing for Glacier Ice is a sport uncommon to most visitors to Eshamy Bay Lodge.  From the boat, “fish” manageable sized pieces of ice out of the sea to be later enjoyed back at the lodge in a soda or your favorite adult beverage. The glacier ice can be hundreds of years old and denser than the ice cubes from your household freezer.  This dense characteristic causes the ice to make an audible popping, cracking sound when it is melting.


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