Prince William Sound Cabins

Prince William Sound Cabins

Cabins in the Forest

The construction of the new energy efficient Cabins and Lodge building were placed on the property, complementing the almost ‘Elfish like’ setting the Prince William Sound is known for. The magnificent Hemlock Trees, hundreds of years old, growing through the decks and splitting the roof lines are proof of the meticulous attention given to blending the new lodge buildings into their surrounding environment.

Eshamy Bay Lodge’s, Prince William Sound Rental Cabins offer the finest accommodations in the Prince William Sound.  Prince William Sound Cabin RentalThere are two rental cabin buildings, making up four rental units on the property, accommodating 8 guests, 12 max.

Each Prince William Sound Rental Cabin consists of two separate rental units;  a Ground Floor unit with a large sitting deck and a Second Floor unit with a smaller deck but with a more than compensating view.

Each floor is identically furnished with either 2 Twin Beds or 1 King Bed, high-quality linens, nightstand, cozy table, and 2 chairs.   A luxury leather futon is also available in 3 of the cabin rooms for comfortable seating or to be used as a 3rd bed for another guest or children.

Our Prince William Sound Rental Cabins are well lit by indirect lighting from the generously placed windows.  All windows open and are complemented with screens and blackout blinds for sleeping during the long Alaska summer days.

Prince William Sound Rental Cabins Room with view.

If the sun has set which is very late if at all in the summer months, lighting is available in the rooms at all times by 12-volt lighting, as well as conventional 110-volt lighting when the generator is being operated.

Heat in the ground floor units is provided by a small diesel stove and in the second-floor units by hot water radiators being heated by the lower unit or an electric heater.During the 4 hours a day, the generator is operated, it is a good time to charge any portable electrical devices by plugging them into the 110-volt outlets in each unit.

The units are built to an R40 energy rating and require very little energy to maintain them at a comfortable temperature.


Unlike other Prince William Sound Rental Cabins or Prince William Sound Public use Cabins, Eshamy Bay Lodge has Hot and Cold running water, as well as full sized showers, flush toilets, and sinks.


Kayaking Alaska.Kayaks, paddles, and life jackets are available throughout your stay. We are equipped with 7 single kayaks and 1 double kayak to help you explore the nearby shores and Eshamy Lagoon. There are many nearby streams to visit and a day trip to Eshamy Lagoon will be well worth it! Travel around the islands and inlets in this peaceful, 3-mile long lagoon. The quiet motion of the kayak allows for the perfect vessel to view local Sea Otters, Seals, Coastal Birds and Black Bears.