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Eshamy Bay Fish Tank

September 2nd, 2012   |   Eshamy Bay Info Fishing

 The picture says it all, although there is no actual fish tank, this school of Salmon were swimming through the dock fingers at Eshamy Bay Lodge! We are in a prime location for viewing these magnificent fish as they make their yearly run to fresh water. This picture also shows an interesting look at our new […]

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Jumping Salmon

July 16th, 2011   |   Eshamy Bay Info Fishing

The Sockeye (Red) Salmon are running thick near Eshamy Bay Lodge. We’ve even snagged some from our dock! Come out and get your limit on Red Salmon, while relaxing comfortably at the Lodge. Captain Duke can take you over to prime Sockeye Salmon locations, where there are a multitude of them swimming in schools. Return […]

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Prince William Sound Taxi is up and running for the Season!

March 16th, 2011   |   Eshamy Bay Info Fishing Glacier Tour Prince William Sound Taxi

As of yesterday, Prince William Sound Taxi is up and running for the season! We have launched the vessel, and ventured out on our maiden voyage.  The Eshamy Bay Lodge is being prepped for the upcoming season and will be open soon. Along our trip to the lodge, we viewed dozens of otters and sea birds, and had a beautiful stop […]

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