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Prince William Sound Activities: Prince William Sound Fishing

Alaska offers some of the best fishing in the world and the Prince William Sound’s Eshamy Bay, Eshamy Lagoon, and Eshamy Lake, live up to their name  - “Eshamy” means “place of great fishing!”   Eshamy Bay is the home of the second largest run of Sockeye or Red Salmon in the Prince William Sound.With several runs of Sockeye , Coho (silver salmon) and Pink salmon every summer during June, July and August, salmon are abundant in the Prince William Sound, often schooling up in front of Eshamy Bay Lodge, around and under the docks.  Picture yourself and friends being surrounded by jumping salmon!  Fish from the Docks, or Shore fish near the Lodge.   If you prefer to go fishing in Eshamy Lagoon on your own – you can be dropped off at the mouth of Eshamy Creek for some shore fishing or you can also kayak into the lagoon from the lodge for kayak fishing or shore fishing.

Duke Marolf your host at Eshamy Bay Lodge, is an excellent Prince William Sound fishing guide and offers daily fishing charters to his favorite spots. He can drop you off for shore fishing, guide you for nearby fishing in a small boat for 2-3 passengers, or take you aboard the Prince William Sound Taxi for a guided trip to some farther locations. A guided Prince William Sound Fishing trip is often the best way for guests to experience a true Alaska Fishing Adventure.

     Rates for guided fishing aboard 34ft vessel for up to 6 passengers, includes gear:

Full day Prince William Sound Alaska Fishing : 6 passengers max -$1800

1/2 day Prince William Sound Alaska Fishing: 6 passengers max -$1000

Or $250 an hour travel and fishing time

Salmon Fishing Gear is availiable to rent at the lodge, but because fishing is such an individual sport make sure the gear available is right for your style and skill.  Left handed real, right handed real, bait casting rod, spin casting rod, fly fishing rod, light line, heavy line, floating or sinking, the choices are endless so if you have a favorite rod and real, bring them along.   All fishing gear is provided on guided fishing trip.

We also work with Halibut Charters out of Whittier that will pick up and drop off passengers at Eshamy Bay Lodge for your fishing trip. Rates and availability vary by business, however, we can add the charter to your invoice for a 1 stop shopping experience.

Fly Fishing

Eshamy Creek flows into the head of Eshamy Lagoon, which can be reached by a short scenic boat ridPrince William Sound Fly Fishinge or a longer Kayak paddle.  The Creek offers excellent fly fishing for Dolly Varden trout, Sockeye, Pink, and Coho Salmon, from the shore line or walking in the stream using waders.

A short walk up the trail paralleling the stream the Alaska Department of Fishing and Game, each year erect a fish weir to count Sockeye Salmon returning to Eshamy Lake.  Fishing is prohibited within three hundred feet of the weir.  The trail to the lake is improved, about a mile long, and with little gain in elevation through lush vegetation along Eshamy Creek to Eshamy Lake.  Black bears can often be seen along the creek feeding on the returning salmon.  The bears are well fed and have little interest in humans but care should still be taken while traversing the area.

Where the trail meets the head of Eshamy Creek and Eshamy Lake the log jam offers an excellent platform for casting a fly to the nearby trout.  Eshamy Lake is know for having the highest concentration of Cut Throat trout in the State of Alaska!  Novice, or Expert, Fisher-man or Fisher-woman the packing your rod, real, chest waders or float tube will be a rewarded by the breathtaking scenery and the trout rising to your fly.


A Fishing license issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is required for each angler. You can purchase these in Anchorage anywhere they sell sporting goods or on-line at:

Call 907-440-7978 or email so we can arrange the trip of a lifetime just for you!