Prince William Sound Cabins


Video footage from a Humpback Whale encounter in Prince William Sound. These were some happy whales and we were even happier to get this experience!

We were thrilled to Lodge Rick Rosenthal and his crew while they filmed the area for Hobie as well as for the Disney movie “Bears”. This video captures a lot of what we experience in Prince William Sound. It even includes some cameos from our own Duke and Mark!

 This Aerial footage starts at Eshamy Bay Lodge with guests using kayaks around the shores touching the same land our cabins are nestled in. It then zooms over our docks to show some local boaters enjoying the Alaska waters.

Fleming Yachts “Venture” was a great addition to our dock for an overnight stay including some great footage of Prince William Sound. Check out all 3 parts of their journey to experience it all. Eshamy Bay Lodge makes it’s appearance in the beginning of this video with cameo’s by Duke and Pamela.

Mokai (Motorized Kayaks) exploring from Eshamy Bay Lodge

Alaska has some of the best fishing in the world and the Prince William Sound’s Eshamy Bay Lodge, is were the fish are.  Kayak to a nearby stream, or charter one of Eshamy Bay Lodges, fishing trips with Captain Duke Marlof.

The Prince William Sound Rental Cabins at Eshamy Bay Lodge offer a remote setting in some of Alaska’s premier Wilderness.

Alaska, The Prince William Sound, and Eshamy Bay Lodge, offer great opportunities, for the novice and expert videographer.  Video and photograph Bears, Eagles, otters, and Whales while you Kayak the calm protected waters of the Prince William Sound.

Prince William Sound Fishing for Silver Salmon is at it’s best at Eshamy Bay Lodge.  Fishing Alaska’s protected waters of the Prince William Sound from the docks at Eshamy Bay Lodge, or on a guided Alaska fishing charter with Captain Duke Marlof, is an experience you will want to repeat again and again.