Prince William Sound Cabins

Rates: Policies

Terms and Conditions

The prices on all our packages are accurate estimates at the time of publishing and we will do everything we can to keep our site updated. However these prices are subject to change at short notice and some maybe subject to fuel surcharges, taxes and fees, depending on if we need to use independent operators. It is recommended that an accurate quotation for your group be obtained at the time of your reservation. Payment: A 50% deposit is required for all reservations. Full payment for lodging is required 30 days prior to your arrival date.

Cancellation policy

It is our intention to be fair with everyone who must cancel, but limitations must be set. All cancellations must be in writing and received within times specified: If written notice of cancellation is received in our office more than 60 days prior to the trip commencement, there is a cancellation administration fee of 20% of total tour cost. If written notice of cancellation is received in our office 60-30 days prior to your arrival, your 50% deposit will be forfeited. If written notice of cancellation is received in our office less than 30 days from your arrival, there is a 100% of total trip/tour cost cancellation fee and there will no refund or credit.

We reserve the right to make reasonable schedule changes where it deems necessary for the safety and comfort of its guests, or to cancel all or part of any tour in its reasonable discretion, for the safety of its participants. In the event of a cancellation by us of the entire trip or a portion of a trip, a refund of amounts paid by us, or that portion of the tour, less expenses incurred by us, will be given. We and other participating businesses are not responsible for any other expenses caused by delays or cancellations incurred by guests such as equipment rental, medical cost, air tickets, etc. All refunds shall be processed by our office on the basis of the amount actually received by us, less any applicable cancellation fees and charges.

Limitations of liability

Although we take every precaution to safeguard you and your personal belongings, our adventure trips involve inherent risks and dangers which are beyond our control and we assume no responsibility or liability for personal injuries or deaths and loss of personal property on any tour or portion of a tour. Due to the nature of the activities on your vacation, a condition of your participation is that you will read and sign the acknowledgment and Release of Liability before the beginning of your tour.

Other Businesses

We may use other independent businesses to form your adventure packages and although we only choose the best available operators, due to the fact that we don’t own, control, manage or operate these business, we will not be held liable for any acts or omissions by them such as negligence, reckless or willful acts. These independent operators include but are not limited to guides, drivers, air, land and water transporters and lodging establishments. We will also not be held responsible for any injury, loss, damage or death of person/s or property arising from the negligent or willful act of any person or business who is to or provides services or goods as part of your trip or for the action or omission of any other third party. Without limitation, we will not be responsible for acts of God, equipment failures, vehicle accidents, illness from food or otherwise, annoyance, delays, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, and changes in transit or hotel and lodge services over which it has no control. We reserve to make the occasional change in a trip itineraries for the comfort, well being and safety of our guests and we will endeavor to keep you informed of any necessary changes in a timely fashion. Upon payment of your deposit to us, you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions. An acknowledgment of Risk and Release of Liability must be signed by each guest. Safety is of the utmost concern on all our trips. However, due to the nature of the activities, a condition of your participation is that you will read and sign the Acknowledgment and Release of Liability before the tour begins. A copy of the text is available on request.

Travel insurance

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. This insurance coverage can protect you financially from unexpected expenses incurred by trip and flight delays, lost or delayed baggage, tour cancellation due to weather, illness or other causes, emergency evacuation and more.