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Boat Tours:
Glacier and Wildlife viewing is a combination tour at a day rate of $1,800 for up to 6 passengers.

All of our Water taxi rates to the destination of your choosing are priced depending on the distance to be traveled. Check out the Water Taxi tab of this website and call for rates and availability.

Alaska Railroad

Alaska Railroad:

Begin you Alaska Vacation Package in Anchorage by boarding the Alaska Railroads Explorer Railcar bound for Whittier, Alaska.  We can include your Railroad tickets in your booking. View, spectacular scenery as you glide on the tracks along Turnagain Arm, named by Captain James Cook in 1776 while exploring Alaska in search of the North West Passage.  On the vertical cliffs overlooking the train look for Dahl Sheep feeding. On the other side of the train, Turnagain Arm has some of the largest fluctuation of tides in the world, often causing a Bore tide, a wall of incoming tidal current.  When the water is calm beluga whales can often be seen as well as numerous Eagles either soaring or standing in the shallow water near the shore.  On trips going to Whittier, the train changes tracks in Portage, Travels under the mountain through the Anton Meyer Tunnel, the longest tunnel in North America, and arrives in Whittier, the Gate Way to the Prince William Sound.

In Whittier you will board the Eshamy Bay Lodge Water Taxi, to travel the approximately 35 miles by boat to Eshamy Bay Lodge.  Shear Cliffs, cascading, waterfalls, and Glaciers will leave an everlasting impression on you as you cruise out of Passage Canal.  Seas are typically calm in the Prince William Sound, making wildlife viewing for Whales, Dahl porpoise, otters, seals and bears a relaxing experience as you cruise to you destination.

Upon arriving at Eshamy Bay Lodge you will see overlooking the 180 foot dock, the Cookhouse and the newly constructed cabins, nestled in the Hemlock trees, your home away from home for the next few days. While you are Eshamy Bay Lodge, relax in you room, on your deck, or on the wildlife viewing deck.  Try some shore fishing or fish from the docks.  Take a hike along the shoreline or in the hills behind the cabins and film and photograph the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

When your stay is over at Eshamy Bay Lodge ride the Water Taxi back to Whittier and catch the train back to Anchorage, completing your Prince William Sound adventure.

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