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Whittier Water Taxi


What’s the toughest part about our Lodge being located in the remote wilderness of the spectacular Prince William Sound? Well, the distance to travel here, of course! So, we have listed some dates that other groups are looking to share the Water Taxi out of Whittier or back to it from Eshamy Bay Lodge or nearby drop off points. Even if you don’t share the boat directly, the trip cost can be shared (for example they take a boat into Whittier and you take it back out) and everyone likes to share when it comes to the cost!

August 6th OR 7th Water Taxi available for share

Keep in mind that availability depends on number of total passengers

Call for more information on Water Taxi and reservation availability 907-440-7978


Prince William Sound Taxi provides Water Taxi Service to the lodge and all areas of the Prince William Sound aboard 2 taxi boats, the Whittier Express and the Prince William Sound Taxi.  Kayaking, wildlife viewing, camping, Glacier Viewing or  just going to the Eshamy Bay Lodge, Prince William Sound Taxis will get you there!

The Whittier Express is a 34 foot Grayling and has been providing tours to the Prince William Sound for years. It can accommodate up to 14 passengers, and their gear, for larger groups on trips. It has the capacity to carry multiple kayaks, as well for kayaking drop off or pick up. It’s heavy gauge Aluminum Hull safely moves through the heavy ice of Black Stone Bay’s Blackstone Glacier, Derickson Bay’s Nellie Juan Glacier, and Nassau Fjord’s Chenega Glacier.

The rightly named Prince William Sound Taxi is a 34 foot Maxweld Maxcat that carries up to 6 passenger and their gear. With it’s twin hulls, twin Cummins diesel engines and jet drives there is no safer more comfortable way to access the Prince William Sound. Fishing for rockfish, salmon, cod, and other saltwater fish aboard this vessel makes for a very comfortable trip with its table and plenty of seating.

Prince William Sound Taxi service also provides transportation to visitors wishing to access the Sound looking for something other than the Eshamy Bay Rental Cabins and Lodge. Both boats provide great viewing of the calving glaciers, beach combing, berry picking, wildlife viewing, and kayak drop off in Prince William Sound. Captain Duke travels the Prince William Sound waters everyday and holds an 150 ton US Coast Guard Master License and is a licensed fishing guide. The owner, Mark Kulstad,  has been taking guests to remote locations in the Prince William Sound for almost 30 years and he holds a 100 ton US Coast Guard Master License and is a licensed fishing guide.


 Prince William Sound, Alaska’s Best Glacier Tours


Prince William Sound is renowned for its abundant glaciers and the Eshamy Bay area is no exception. Take a glacier tour south from the lodge to either Chenega Glacier or Bainbridge Glacier to watch these ice giants calve into the ocean.   We can also head north from the lodge to Nellie Juan Glacier or Blackstone Glacier to scoop up some glacier ice for a cocktail later back on the wildlife viewing deck at the lodge. We only do tours for up to 14 people at a time so you get a personalized tour. Unlike the cruise ship style canned glacier tours, with their large capacities, we use small vessels that are less invasive and that are more environmentally friendly. We can customize your tour, stopping and looking at sights of interest for as long as you like!